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Official Rules

Rules, Regulations & Terms 

  1. The Runner of the Year division is a points based competition. This division looks at the 10 highest scoring races for each contender, based on points for distance, overall and age group awards, and partner race bonuses.
  2. Half of your completed and recorded races  must have started or finished within 50 miles of the Kansas City, MO city hall address with the exception of the Marathon, half marathon and Ultra races (these races will be counted regardless of where they are run).
  3. Races must be open for public participation. School events (including colligate level) will not count towards RRP.
  4. The race must post official results that can be verified by the Program Committee as needed.
  5. Time submitted by the competitor must be the official finish time posted by race officials. 
  6. Overall and age group placing will be as defined by the races official results (some races only award 1st place in an age group or over all, only the one recognized by the official results will get bonus points).
  7. Race must meet or exceed, and only count for the advertised distance (IE.. 5K, 10K, half marathon). Races that are identified by the Program Committee as short will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the board and their decision is final (the idea here is to hold race directors accountable to have the right course length).
  8. The Oddball category will only be used for races that are advertised as non-standard distances and not one of the other listed divisions (examples: 1 mi, 4 mi, 8K, 15K, 25K). Ultras are NOT in the oddball category. A 5K race that ends up being 3.58 miles is a 5K (as advertised) and not an Oddball division race. A marathon that ends up being 27.2 miles is still just a marathon and not an Ultra.
  9.  Ultra Marathons (anything advertised to be longer than 26.2 miles) will only be counted in the overall and long-haul category. Timed events (I.E., 6hr, 12hr, 24hr, 48hr) will count as an ultra if distance is over the marathon distance otherwise timed events under marathon distance will count as oddball.
  10. Races run before the competitor signed up and payed for the RRP program will not count. This rule will be waived through 15 February.
  11. Race results must be entered within 30 days of completion. 
  12. Disputes regarding any race or any competitor will be resolved by a vote of the Program Committee and their decision will be final.

There is no limit to how many divisions you can win in. We will award out the top three men and women in each division, with the exception of the Volunteer of the year (there will only be one volunteer of the year).

Tie breakers in any division will be decided in the following steps until the tie is broken:

  1. Most Partner races run
  2. Most miles
  3. Number of total races
  4. Fastest combined time for all eligible races
  5. Date of first race recorded
  6. Date of program registration
  7. At the decision of the Program Committee